Mr. Tofte (President) had a vision about developing a project that would help, and bring happiness to Veterans. He felt that he needed to find a way to reach out to the Veterans who didn't have any family, or may have a medical condition that wouldn't allow them to leave the VA Hospital. He then started to do research at the VA Hospital and found programs where he could start helping these Veterans. He pulled together Volunteers and started upon his Goals.

The VDO (Veterans Day Out) was then established. He first started to plan events to bring Veterans from the VA Hospitals to different American Legion Posts here in the Riverside County for outings.

 The Veterans were so happy and grateful that they were not forgotten. They sang, ate and visited with other veterans. Mr. Tofte was still not satisfied with this. He needed to do more, so he decided to take the events to the VA Hospital for those veterans who could not leave the Hospital Grounds.

The VDO has provided Veterans at the VA hospital with some great meals, music, love, laughter, happiness and let them know that they are not forgotten. These outings gives us a chance to visit with these men and women inside the hospital who cannot come out to these events. Its a great feeling to see the smiles on their faces and listen to their stories. Its very difficult for them to be ill and not to be able to have the freedom to go places and enjoy life away from the Hospital.

They served our country and we must not ever forget them!

For God and Country.